Take Action Sonoma County


We are a small collection of concerned parents, educators, and activists in Sonoma County who were deeply moved by the heinous crimes against Black men and women. This is a pivotal moment in time where people have gathered across the world to stand up for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others against police brutality.

Police brutality is fueled by racism and has been throughout American history. Addressing the causes and effects of both racism and police brutality can seem overwhelming; anti-racist activism is a monumental task that requires mass action and solidarity.

As protests sweep across the United States, many people want to help but feel overwhelmed or uncertain as to how to proceed. The scope and depth of the issue is complex. It is difficult to figure out where to begin.

The goal of this website is to consolidate information on police brutality and its impact, as well as provide information on what you can do, right now, to be part of the mass action needed to change our country for the better. This website is not meant to provide an entirely comprehensive view of racism and police brutality; instead, it is meant to provide an overview of key issues, with links to additional information. While we are not experts, our goal is to connect you with a variety of leaders in this grassroots, youth-led movement. We are inspired to empower people to join in and offer their support to communities of color in Sonoma County.

Police brutality is a complex issue but it is not insurmountable. Meaningful police reform can happen. Together, we can affect change.

Disclaimer: Take Action Sonoma County is not a formal organization, company, or agency. We are citizens of Sonoma County with the goal of consolidating information from outside agencies and individuals to help others take action. We aim to offer a well-rounded menu of action items as they are shared with us. Readers are encouraged to research the resources provided here to determine if they correspond with their own viewpoints and action steps. This site may not provide a comprehensive list of events and action items. We aim to update our site every 48 hours; please excuse any delays as this is a goal, not an absolute. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please email us at TASCmatters20@gmail.com